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Artist Statement

I have been fascinated by the affinity between art and science for many years now. For both of these disciplines the natural world is one of the preeminent sources of exploration and discovery.

Though widely different in terms of methodology and approach, artists and scientists often share a mutual passion to understand and reveal the secrets of nature. Through my work I offer my personal explorations of life forms, whether botanical or biological, in a process that recalls another age, when flowers were pressed between the pages of a book and butterfly specimen were carefully mounted and preserved.

I look at nature with reverence and excitement, wishing to encapsulate its beauty through recreating fragments of this world in metal, an earthly, durable material. Aware of the fact that ephemerality waits outside my protected environment, making each natural specimen all the more precious and fragile.

By transforming the temporal and ephemeral into eternal, I wish to create circular time, a meta-time in which absolute present stands still and transcendence is reached through the earthly object.

Whilst all of my works are monochromatic and mostly black, I aspire to create tension through nuances, through subtle differences of texture and shades of color. I wish to capture somewhat elusive obscure luminosity that darkness offers.

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