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Harel Noga Rachel. Born in 1983 in Haifa, Israel.


2016 - 2018

 M.A program at the jewelry department, Estonian academy of arts, Tallinn, Estonia.


Student exchange program at the "Rietveld" art academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2010 - 2014

B.F.A Bezalel academy of art and design, Jerusalem, Israel.Department of Jewelry and fashion.


"Life sharing" a one-year course regarding living and caring for people with special needs in anthroposophical communities. Duffcarrig community, Ireland, in in association with Dublin university.


August 2013

Basketry workshop with Hisako Sekijima at the Haystack mountain school of crafts, Deer isle, Maine, United states of America.


workshop with "bless" - the design duo of Ines kaag and Desiree heiss,  Bezalel academy of art and design, Jerusalem, Israel. Collaboration between "bless", Bezalel students and students from Germany.

Teaching experience


teaching assistant for artist Damon Thompson at the metal workshop, Haystack school of mountain crafts, Deer Isle. Maine, United states of America.


teacher assistant in classical raising techniques in metal course, with teacher Adi Toch, Bezalel academy of art.


teacher assistant in classical raising techniques in metal course, with teacher Adi Toch, Bezalel academy of art.


July 2016

A scholarship for a teaching assistant in the metal workshop at the Haystack school of mountain crafts, Deer Isle, Maine. United states of America.

August 2013

A scholarship from the "AIDA" foundation for the Haystack mountain school of arts summer workshop.



 summer internship with artist Junko Mori in North Wales, United Kingdom.



Marzee  graduate award


Honorary mention, Beit binyamini “Tradition and change competition”, Israel.


Honorary mention, Filorosso,  IV Biennale Internazionale Gioiello Contemporaneo Galleria Comunale Giuseppe negrisim, Italy.


Graduation with honors diploma


The Polonsky prize for outstanding design project.


The department of history and theory in Bezalel award for excellence in the department study.


The Rashbel award for excellence in the jewelry and fashion department.

Group Exhibitions


· Parallel lines, craft and culture in contemporary jewelry from Israel, gallery Maison Gerard, NYC, United States

· Saison France Israel, musee des arts et metiers, Paris, France, curator: Jean- yves  le Mignot.

· Marzee international graduate exhibition, Marzee gallery,Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

· Saison France Israel ,Institut de Bijouterie de Saumur - Square Balzac, Saumur,France.

· “I curse the day”, gate tower, Tallinn, Estonia

· “Parellel lines”, SNAG, Portland, Oregon, United States.

· Galla exhibition, Kiryat tivon gallery, Israel.


· Beijing international jewelery art biennial.

· Craftforms, Wayne art center, Wayne, PA, United states.

· International biennale for enamel, gallery “Meno Nisa”, Lithuania.

· Falconeri Triesta, Filo rosso bijoux, Trieste, Italy.

· Lodz design festival, as part of “ Bezalel”

· selected grduates work, Lodz. Poland.

· Legnica silver festival, as part of “Bezalel”

· academy selected graduates work,Legnica, Poland

· “Other animals”, Kiryat tivon gallery, Israel.

· “Black diamond”, the vitzo institute,Haifa, Israel.

· “Tradition and change”, Beit binyamini,Tel aviv,Israel.


· Volcanic bijoux, curator Jean-Yves le Mignot, The Geologic museum, Ramat Hasharon, Israel

· “Typeset”, art jewelry in a literary setting, The Golda Meir library, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, United states.


· Filorosso, IV Biennale Internazionale

· Gioiello Contemporaneo, Galleria Comunale Giuseppe Negrisin, Piazza Marconi, Italy.

· Israeli jewelry biennale, Eretz Israel museum, Tel Aviv.

· "precious sayings” – contemporary jewelry", Hankin gallery for design, Holon, Israel.

· "Layers” – contemporary jewelry", Jaffa museum, Israel.


· Walk & Shine,Tzuri Gueta Studio, Paris

· Marzee international graduate show, Marzee gallery, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


· “Works 2006-2012”, Department of Jewelry & Fashion- Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel. Schmuck, Munich, Germany.

· "Works 2006-2012", curators: Vered kaminsky and Einat leader, "Joya" contemporary jewelry fair, Barcelona, Spain.


Carversation, a public Rietveld academy project, Sitroen Auto garage, curator: Susan pietzsch, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Solo Exhibition

“For my next jewelry I will need a story..,” a collaboration with the writer Alex Epstein. “illustration" in jewelry for Alex's stories. "Sipur pashut" book shop, Tel aviv, Israel.



“ Narrative jewellery”-Tales from the tool box, editor mark Fenn, Schiffer publishing, united states

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